Our Story:

Board Game Connections is a subscription service designed to deliver exciting new games to your doorstep every month. Each month, we select a game based on your preferences and interests to deliver to your home. Our goal is to bring new games to your collection that you, your family and friends love to play.
So, what is different about BGC compared to other board game subscription services?

1) Unlike most online companies we partner with FLGS (friendly local game stores) all across the country to offer you local game experts and access to more games, expansions, and accessories. That means you’ll find contact information and promotional materials for your FLGS in your monthly Board Game Connections box!

2) We curate each game individually. Every subscriber received a game selected especially based on their game list, genre preferences, and specified interests. We want you to both love your game AND be introduced to games that you may not find on your own. With over 30 years of experience in gaming, we bring in-depth knowledge of the industry and partnerships with a wide variety of game distributors to your doorstep through our service.
If you and your family love board games, then Board Game Connections is for you. Visit our Subscriptions page and give us a try – we promise you’ll love the experience!